I like sharing what I've learned with other people. I do this in a variety of ways. Depending on what you're looking for, here's a short guide on how to see if we are a fit or not. 


1. Read my writing. Even though I don't get directly paid to write my blog, I spend most of my time writing it. I share all of my best (and worst) ideas on my blog. I'm spending a lot more time on my Medium profile page too. Lately, I've been writing all of my stuff there. Be sure to connect with me here if you like articles, essays and stories that highlight the simple, but profound concept of what it means to be human. 


2. Get my e-mail course Upgrade Everything. This is a free course for freelance creatives that I initially wrote for myself. It's a 7-day e-mail course that teaches you how to rejuvenate your health, skyrocket productivity and boost creativity. If you make a living from your words and ideas, this is a great course for you. Click here to sign up. 


3. Sign up for my newsletter. You have a thousand other things to do instead of logging on to the web and finding my site. If you sign up for my free newsletter, you'll get all my latest material for free. In this newsletter, I also send out a weekend round-up of the best content I found over the weekend. If you sign up, here's what you can expect: Essays, stories, and articles that inspire - so you can examine the simple but profound concept of what it means to be human. Click to sign up here. 


4. Hire me as your coachWant to look, feel and perform better? I can help make that happen. I'm a holistic health counselor, fitness trainer and certified nutrition coach. I'm a graduate of the Precision Nutrition program (world leader in nutrition education for professionals) and I've partnered with them to teach a 12-month online curriculum that teaches my students how to get in the best shape of their life, for the rest of their life. Click here to learn more. 


5. Bring me on as an adviser.  I'm a writer, storyteller, and brand education specialist with a focus in advertising, editorial, tone branding, copywriting, and content marketing. 

Given my background of health, wellness, and fitness combined with years of writing and marketing experience, I bring a bold, engaging perspective to brand advertising in the health and lifestyle space. 

I perform best as an Adviser to start-ups and early stage brands that need innovative ideas in order to demonstrate their brand story in a clear, compelling way. Learn more about my work by clicking here. 


Got something else in mind? Sweet. Let's talk. Click here to send me a message.