I work like an athlete (here's why)

Periodization refers to the way athletes train in cycles - they alternate the intensity and volume of training with periods of recovery. This cycle happens daily, weekly, and yearly - with a purpose to show up to each workout and event with the highest potential for a successful performance.

In other words, an athletes training program embeds tactful rest and recovery into the program itself. Rest is part of the equation - not a side dish that is tacked on at the end.

This approach allows the athlete to manage their physical and mental energy to be their best when it matters the most.

When it comes to work, the idea of periodization applies too. That's why I'm taking this week off from writing. I've hit my writing goals for the month, and I feel like I need a break. Like athletes who need time for their training to compensate we too, the business owners, creative leaders, and independent workers need time for our training to compensate so we can come back better and stronger. 

Charlie (my wife) and I are headed up to Bend, Oregon for a few days to recharge. Our trip is loosely planned. We'll fly into Portland and then drive into Bend. Once there, we'll pick a few hikes to do. My buddy recommended Back Porch Coffee Roasters in the Old Mill District, so that's a must. The local food scene will provide us with long brunches and slow dinners. We may get a few workouts in at The Bend Downtown Athletic Club. Or, we may just go mountain biking for the day. 

So, you won't hear from me via email until Sunday with my weekend newsletter. Have a great week, and we'll talk soon! 

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