Last chance to sign up for The Ultra Wellness Program + What other people are saying about me

This is your last chance to join The Ultra Wellness Program. Presale registration ends at 10 A.M. tomorrow (Friday, September 23rd).

After this, registration closes and I'm not opening it again until sometime in 2017. If you're ready to go and just haven't gotten around to signing up yet, here's your special presale link with 20% off of the entire course: Enroll now

If you’re still trying to figure out if this course is for you or not, that's totally fine. However, I do want you to consider one last thing before you decide.

With over a decade of experience in the field, I know the objections and obstacles people face before encountering a breakthrough with their health and fitness. But instead of hearing me talk, I thought it’d be better for you to hear what other people are saying about my teaching.


What other people are saying

"I’ve know Brian for nearly a decade spanning his journey from a collegiate athlete to a Crossfit box owner, writer, and fitness professional. Brian genuinely is concerned with other’s well-being, and he’s helped me get in the best shape of my life. I recommend him to anyone wanting to increase their overall well-being through fitness."

Garid Beeler – Founder of Vision City Church

“Brian leads by example. He’s struggled, felt the ups and downs of his own in his wellness journey to finally look through a holistic lens and learn about the psychology of habits that he has integrated into what leads to a life that can thrive at its optimum level. 

Brian’s program takes his personal experience, education, research and years of coaching and funnels it into not just a quick and fast approach to losing weight (thank goodness) but into something much bigger that delivers wellness on a next level (but hey, the side effect may be lost weight).  His thought and care are apparent through his carefully crafted program. His attention to detail is real when your problem becomes his challenge to help you achieve your best outcome. 

Having seen Brian’s dedication to growing and learning is an inspiration that can uplift you to achieve more with his support. Find trust and strength with the Ultra Wellness Program to get you to your next level.”

Natalie Knopp – Kashi Brand Manager and Lorna Jane Ambassador


“I’ve known Brian for many years now and have followed his progress within the fitness world.  He has always been dedicated to a healthy lifestyle and has a passion to help other people achieve the same.  If you’re looking for someone to help motivate you and inspire you to reach your fullest potential, there is no better coach than Brian.  He will give you insight and knowledge, but more importantly, he will give you himself, 100%.“

Mark Berokoff – 2016 NCCAA National Champion and 2016 National Coach of the year


Is The Ultra Wellness Program right for me?

From experience, I know that's what you're asking.

The three testimonials you just read are from people like you. None of them are professional athletes. But they realized that health, fitness, and wellness are all integral parts of their life and work. In other words, they are normal people wanting to be the best versions of themselves.

Does that sound like you?

If you're ready to upgrade your health, change your body and skyrocket productivity, The Ultra Wellness Program is for you.


This is your last chance

The presale registration for The Ultra Wellness Program closes at 10 A.M. tomorrow (Friday, September 23rd). If you have any questions or need something cleared up before you enroll, please reach out to me.
If you're ready to go, here's your special presale link with a 20% discount off the entire course: Enroll now
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