The Ultra Wellness Program: Important early registration information

I’m happy to share with you that The Ultra Wellness Program early registration opens next week on Tuesday, September 20th.

The whole aim of this program is to guide my students to make better, healthier choices consistently and consciously. The course will empower students to:

  • Eat better and slower while enjoying their food (no dogmatic rules or impossible diet plans) 
  • Exercise more consistently (students will get access to my exclusive training program library) 
  • Design their environment for optimal health and performance
  • Build a team around their healthy lifestyle (social support)
  • Develop a growth mindset
  • Manage stress better
  • Sleep and recovery better
  • Mindfully invest in their self-care to improve every other area of life

The result? Life changing, result-driven transformations.

But, before you sign up for the pre-sale list, it's important for both you and me to understand who should sign up for the course and who should look elsewhere for guidance.


Who should (or shouldn't) sign up?

Don't sign up for the presale list if: 

  • You are a competitive athlete with the appropriate diet and exercise plan in place
  • You are content and happy with your health and body
  • You have no problem creating and practicing healthy habits daily
  • You don't have a problem with consistency
  • You have tools and strategies that effectively help you manage stress
  • You already have accountability that you need to reach your goals
  • You'd rather do six-week challenges for the rest of your life

Do sign up for the presale list if: 

  • You are a business owner, independent worker or creative leader  who is super busy but wants simple action strategies to implement that fit into your life
  • You need daily accountability to follow through on healthy habits
  • You feel overwhelmed with eating and exercise and want someone to guide you through a set of progressive, strategic lessons that are easy to execute
  • You have tried short-term diets or boot camps and now need something that will produce results that will last forever
  • You like having someone in your corner who can celebrate your progress and get you back on track when things get tough

I'm always thrilled to work with people who are enthused about upgrading their health, changing their body and skyrocketing their productivity. If you read this far and have decided that The Ultra Wellness Program is for you, I suggest you sign up for the presale list.

By doing so,  you're going to get access to one of the best courses on health, wellness, and fitness on the market today.

I'll be your teacher for the curriculum and guide you through each step of your journey. You'll get exclusive access to all of the road-tested strategies, tools, resources and technology through The Ultra Wellness Program. (In case you missed it, check out how the course works in this post and get a full overview of the entire curriculum here).

Even better, once we finish our time together, you'll be confident and capable of sustaining your healthy lifestyle. That's the beauty of a strategic habit-based practice model - rather than a command and control teaching style; The Ultra Wellness Program empowers you to lead yourself better.

The Ultra Wellness Program is a one-of-a-kind experience. And I'm privileged to be able to be your teacher.

If you sign up for the presale list, you get first dibs at securing a limited spot for the course. Early registration opens Tuesday, September 20th. Be sure to mark this day on your calendar, not only so you can sign up before everyone else, but to take advantage of the big discount I'll be offering you. (Those who aren't on the presale list won't be getting this special offer).

That's it for today - nothing new. I just wanted to remind you about next Tuesday. Get ready. Good times are ahead.

PS: A few notes:

  • Early registration for big discount opens Tuesday, September 20th
  • Spots are first come, first serve; Mark your calendars for Tuesday
  • Program bonuses and a complete overview of the curriculum can be found by clicking here

Cheering for you,