The Ultra Wellness Program: Frequently Asked Questions

In my newsletter description you'll find this: "No gimmicks, no spam - just me sharing my best stuff to help you live a healthier, happier and simpler life."

This post follows that same concept - no gimmicks, no spam.

Today, I'm asking you to consider enrolling in my 12-month course, The Ultra Wellness Program. 

The Ultra Wellness Program is a habit-based, road tested 12-month curriculum that equips my students to upgrade their health, change their bodies and skyrocket their productivity. My students will finish the course confident and capable of sustaining their healthy lifestyle after they've completed their time with me.  

This is a chance to get in the best shape of your life, for the rest of your life. The course focuses on:

  • nutrition
  • sleep and recovery 
  • food behavior 
  • environment design 
  • stress-management
  • growth mindset
  • exercise 
  • overall healthy living 

Over the past weeks, I've gotten a lot questions about the Ultra Wellness Program. Today, I'll answer them for you so you can decide if the program is right for you or not. 

The Ultra Wellness Program site is up and running. You'll find an in-depth FAQ page, program bonuses, an overview of the entire curriculum and testimonials all on this page: Click here to get all of your questions answered. 

After you browse that page and decide that the program is for you, I suggest you sign up for the presale list. By doing so, you'll have a chance to enroll before everyone else and save 20% on the cost of the program. Early registration will open on September 20th. 

Cheering for you,